Money saving tips for the whole household

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One team one dream!

Here are 5 tips for the whole family to follow in order to save some money!

Make budgeting into a game!  

Budgeting can be very tedious; however, games are usually fun, especially within the family!

Make budgeting into a game, with the goal being to spend less on your usual and everyday purchases!  

Making budgeting into a game will also put your subconscious to good work, so you will always be looking for ways to cut and save on some money!  The great news is the kids can also get involved!

Only purchase items that are ‘needed’ and not ‘wanted’!  

These days we can buy anything we want with a click of a button. Due to this, try to wait 48 hours before making a costly purchase.  

This will help to buffer your impulse purchases and separate items that you ‘want’ but don’t necessarily ‘need’. By doing this, not only will your family save money, but will also become more mindful towards any future purchases.  

Forget contactless and go back to using cash!  

When using your contactless card, spending money just doesn’t feel the same. 

However, give your family a certain amount of cash for the week to spend, and you’ll find yourself debating each purchase more carefully, compared to just buying something with your contactless card!  

Change your light bulbs!  

This is another great tip that will benefit your family the entire year around!  

Checking your light bulbs and switching them to LED light bulbs could save you some extra £’s!  

LED light bulbs are four times more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, and last for longer! Making the switch during the summertime is a great way to cut down on those energy bills during the winter seasons!  

Turn your garden into an investment  

We all love a bit of gardening, right?  

However, your garden doesn’t have to be just a hobby! It can be a great investment, and a way to make some decent profit if done correctly!  

Growing your own fruit and vegetables will not only give your family a great sense of satisfaction but will also help to reduce your shopping bill!  

Tomatoes, chilli’s, beans and cabbages. All items that can be grown directly in the back of your garden, by using the sun to your advantage. The kids can get their hands stuck in too!

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