Handy tips to fly cheaper for families!

We all love a holiday, whether it be down by the beach in Barcelona, or up in the mountains of Africa!  

Here are 5 great tips for families trying to fly abroad for cheaper!  

Compare, Compare, and Compare!

You should not be buying anything in 2020 without comparing online elsewhere. The same rule applies with airlines. Comparison websites show you not only the best prices for flights, but also the best websites to purchase this – meaning you and your family can get away for less!  

Price comparison websites not only compare travel agents but also airlines, meaning you can rest assured you are getting the best price possible!  

Watch the timing! 

You’re probably aware of this one already – booking in advance is best!   

Travel agents recommend booking at least 3 months in advance of your departure date, meaning there will be no nasty late surprises, and you can always rest assured you are travelling for a good price!  

Flying breaks!  

Direct flights may be more convenient, but also more expensive compared to indirect journeys.

If your family are in no rush and happy to have a small break during your flights, choosing to stop over could save hundreds!  

Just make sure your phone is fully charged before you step off that plane

Be safe instead of sorry!  

We’ve all been there before! You’ve got a holiday booked, but something suddenly comes up, meaning you are no longer able to fly out on that date!  

Without travel insurance, you will not be covered, and this includes any illnesses, lost baggage’s and travel delays/cancellations.

Remember to compare, compare and compare before purchasing this!  

Book sensible!  

So, you’ve checked 5 different websites for your holiday and you’re choosing an indirect flight instead of a direct one! Seems like you’re on the right path to making a decent saving!  

Just make sure you check all the details of the flight and holiday, when completing the booking.

Having multiple tabs open can cause unnecessary confusions and may mean you end up spending more than first assumed! It is also advised that you book your flight in an incognito window, as your internet history can also bump up the prices!  

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