Money saving habits that will help your bank account

It is always important to stay focused on saving money from any means possible.

Here are some habits that you should pick up in order to save more money!

Plan your meals for the week

Spend a few hours on planning meals for the week ahead and then hit the shops for items towards these meals only!

This will help to keep down food and shopping costs and ensure you do not overindulge on take-aways. Planning your meals will also help to eat healthy!

Only purchase items that you ‘need’ and not ‘want’

Anything can be purchased these days with a click of a button. This makes it more difficult to cut down on spending and saving money!

Try to wait 48 hours before making a costly purchase and try to only purchase items and products that you actually need, and not just want.

Not only will this act as a buffer to your impulse purchases, but you will also become more mindful towards any future purchases.

Forget contactless and go back to using cash

Spending money whilst using your contactless card just doesn’t feel the same.

Give yourself a fixed amount of cash to spend per week, and watch yourself debating each purchase more carefully, compared to spending money on your contactless card.

Replace TV with streaming services

Rather than paying for a monthly TV package, swap this for an online TV streaming service!

In this day and age, the best and must watch TV programmes can all be found on online streaming services such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

This will work out much cheaper than a Sky TV box and will also help to cut down on your monthly expenses

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