Money Saving habits for Mums

Being a mum is already difficult without also having to try and save money for the family!

Here are 4 great habits to help your money saving journey!

Plan meals out for the week

Spend a few hours plan out all the meals for the upcoming week.

This will reduce the amount of take-aways ordered, and also help to reduce the grocery bill as your shopping will be a lot more focused!

Choose quality over quantity

We’ve all chosen a budget-friendly brand over a big labelled company for the same item, but this is not always the best move!

Sometimes spending more on quality rather than quantity can help to save money in the long term.

This tactic can apply to numerous purchases such as clothes and electronics

Make coffee at home

We all love a coffee!

However, reduce the number of times you visit your local Starbucks or Costa and instead try and make your coffee at home!

Spending the usual few pounds a day on caffeine may not seem like a lot, but this all adds up!

Record your expenses

Before you can start saving money, you need to know exactly how much money comes into your bank each month, and how much goes out on expenses!

Keep track of all of your expenses, and this includes your daily coffee’s, your Uber’s to work and even the late-night snack trips!

You can then work out which expenses can be reduced or cut down to save money for the future.

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