Make money from spending money!

You can make cash from spending cash – No, this isn’t a joke!  

Cashback websites pay you for spending money on retailers through them. Done correctly, one can make hundreds of pounds, for purchasing something they were going to buy anyways!  

Here are the top paying cashback sites, as well as some tips and hints to ensure you make the most out of cashback websites!  


Topcashback is the website that pays the most!

Not only is this a free, but also pays out up to 105% of the cashback it receives from the merchant!  

You can also choose a membership option, which gives an extra 5% bonus for cashback rates!

 Furthermore, the website also allows you to boost your returns by up to 25%, if you choose to take your pay-out in gift cards instead of cash! Handy!   


Topcashback’s biggest rival is Quidco!

It is often recommended to check both websites before deciding which one to purchase through, especially if making a large or valuable purchase!  

Like its competitor, Quidco also has a paid membership option, giving users bonuses up to £50 a year, exclusive prize draws and monthly giveaways!

Quidco also allows members to boost cashbacks in stores, with 25+ retailers being available!  

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